Top 7 Aspects of the Google Webmaster Tool You should be Aware With


Website is an important aspect of one’s business and it is very important that it becomes the mouthpiece of your commerce. And all this is possible if the Google’s Webmaster Tools application help you in retrieving information about the site that would assist you examining site’s performance and its visibility by the Search engines. Despite all these information are present for free but there are several other webmasters that lose on enrolling their sites on the program.

Thus, if you have yet not started using the tool, it is advised that you create an account on the application and complete your profile on the same. And once the task is done, take the help from the following to know the different aspects of the dashboard:

Crawl Snags:
This appears on the main dashboard and is probably the very first to be checked. This would assist you in showing you the catalogue of errors that Google has found while going through your website. These indexes would bar the traffic on the site as it gets restricted on the organic search. So, you can visit here if you want to rectify the site.

Search Queries
This opens up with navigating the traffic menu and choosing the search queries in the list. This would show you the traffic diverted to your site by Google and what are the number of clicks that your site received on different phrases and your average position on SERPs. This search is helpful when you want to know what contents your viewers like more and also can help in undertaking the content campaign.

Site Maps
This is the option that is present right below the “Optimization” menu and is actually the area where you want to upload the site’s sitemaps. Google provides the way to create one and an updated sitemap would assist in ranking the site.

+1 reports
As Google owns the Google+ network, the number and quality +1 votes count a lot and this decides how well the content affects the search pages on the results. The “+1 Reports” can be used to know the “+1 votes” received for the site and check the traffic. Also a close watch would help in analyzing the social media marketing campaigns and how they are doing for the rank.

Site Performance
This menu in the dashboard would assist in examining the Site’s loading speed and provide string recommendations on how factors like these can be improved. Site speed is a vital factor as the site that works quickly proposes great user friendly interfaces than the slow sites. Nobody wants to sit and waste time waiting for the site to open and Google too does not prefer visitors to go to those pages and sites.

Links to your site
Under the “Traffic” menu the one of the most important tools is the “Link to your site” attribute. This is helpful in providing you the information that what sites are linking with yours and number of links these provide to your site, pages that have received the maximum of the links and what are the anchor texts that are used for addressing your site.

Once the above options are comprehended in a good manner it is advisable that you check the Google Webmaster Tools message center. This is Google’s preferred channel through which those website possessors are captures who are not abiding by the Organization’s Webmaster instructions. If in case there pops up a message elaborating that your site is violating certain rules then an immediate action should be taken to rectify the same. The Market experts says that by keeping a close examination of these messages and taking an instant fix measure can resolve the various site ranking and traffic related problems that otherwise can haul for a lot of unexpected damage to the site.

So, these are the different features that you acknowledge in the Google Webmaster Tools so that you many have information about your site progression on Google. Also, by acting quickly on the different errors projected on screen, you may ensure that you site is fulfilling all those basic requirements that re really important to drive in a descent traffic on the site.

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