SEO Lessons Learned in 2015 that would help you Reframe your 2016 Game


Since 2015 has been very eventful in the world of SEO and it has been already 4 months down 2016, we can clearly see how the world of SEO has been transitioning into in front of our very eyes. 2015 also taught us some SEO tactics that are here to stay and would also help you make adjustments to your current SEO plan.

1. Digital assistant searches are here to stay.
With the introduction of Siri, people deemed it to be nothing more than an attention-grabbing gimmick or a fresh innovation. Only a minority of people thought of it as a practical and trustworthy search tool. Its speech recognition left something to be much loved and desired; sadly it didn’t always land us up on the right place. Now, four years down, Siri has become more sophisticated to handle almost any vocal query and can also speak with several accents for you. Also, multiple competitors like Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana have emerged to consolidate the market.

Sticking to the idea of online and device-based search into one package seems like an attractive deal and also saves the hassles of typing the query. The point here is that, it’s only a matter of time before more users espouse it as their search medium. Consequently, queries will mature to be more informally conversational, search engines will invest more in syntactic understanding, and mobile search traffic will be significantly higher than desktop search traffic.

2. Google isn’t changing the game the way it used to.
If we browse through the reports of previous years, Google has been single handedly influencing the whole game, all by itself. Google was the game changer and the trend-setter responsible for almost all the industry standards we’ve since grown habituated to.

However, this year proved this is no longer the case. Google still stands in charge of getting two-thirds of all search traffic and introducing shiny new features and functions, but it is not the only one aren’t as revolutionary game changing. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and search algorithms like Bing, Yahoo and even Apple is working hard to introduce their own search alternatives to consumers, and also the rise of digital assistants which has begun to intermingle back-end search engines into one solid system that is indistinguishable.

3. Mobile importance is still growing.
Mobile traffic which has been visibly growing on a rapid scale has blown away all records. Reportedly Google announced that mobile traffic had officially outdone desktop traffic in numerous countries in May. Also, the ‘Mobilegeddon’ update got launched, which notionally reprimanded any sites that were not mobile compatible while rewarding those that were.

But the glorious mobile sweve is way more than just that. An array of mobile features including digital assistants and customer-friendly search layouts are on a speedy increase. Google has been quite open about it and has even clearly declared that having an out-and-out desktop version of your website isn’t that necessary as long as it displays correctly on mobile. Moreover, Google’s desktop search results will soon look like a mobile version more like its previously released 3-pack update, so we don’t need any evidence to say that mobile optimization is on its hike.

Our SEO techniques chases the dynamic changes in the online marketing system but it shall always look back to scrutinize and pick its ideas from the previous year records. The year 2015 has been an exciting ride in the world of SEO and has summed up important lessons that might affect us for a considerable amount of time in the future. The aforementioned points would help you make suitable alterations to your 2016 game plan and holds relevant knowledge for some more time coming by.

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