Facebook Trends: 3 Top Predictions related to Facebook Search Tools


With the advent of time and social networking sites, our ways to communicate has seen a drastic change. We tend to spend a lot of time doing Facebook and twitter, linking up with our friends, attesting photos, “liking” and sharing different posts on varied celebs and companies. But with the advanced technology, FB is also being used in today’s context to get the information about the varied users.

Even the FB co-founder Mark Zukerberg said that the team is working towards search related program and exclaimed that “What sushi restaurants have my friends gone to in New York in the last 6 months and liked? Or which of my friends or friends of friends work at a company that I’m interested in working at because I want to talk to them about what it’s going to be like to work there? These are questions that you could potentially do at Facebook if we built out this system that you couldn’t do anywhere else.”

These people are still working to decide on the format and functionality on the FB search tools. But once finalized there are certain predictions in relation to the way one would perceive the business online. Following are the guesses:

A FB account is needed by the prospective users to look for your business:
According to the analysts it has been predicted that the search tool is only going to be used for internal purposes and cannot be used as a separate tool. We all know that any search conducted on FB is basically the search that is done for the people, places and businesses that have a FB profile and this search tool is going to be an expansion of the already existing feature. So, for people to have a look of your business required to be a FB account holder. Companies who are targeting the mass are needed to look for some other medium.

The FB likes would be more significant
The businesses that are alive on FB would desire to push the fans and other audiences to communicate more on the FB pages. As this is predicted to be answering the questions, there is more probability that the FB search would get you more “Likes” and also the wall posts and check-ins would be very prominently be visible that would carry the reference to your business fb pages. And all these are going to run with a fast pace with the introduction of the new search tool.

Google would still be in public demand
The success of the search tool would depend on its acceptability among the wide users and depending upon how convenient and fruitful it is, people would want to use it. Else, they would bounce back to the Google search tool. Well, it is seen a possibility that this FB search tool would capture a great market but would capture the entire market is seen to be a faint idea.

Though FB has a very great popularity, the small and medium sized businesses are suggested to follow their best SEO tactics and social media marketing. These have to be followed on a wide network so that people would connect to your business more.

So, these are the top three predictions that the market experts are doing with regard to the new search tool of FB. This is going to add points to your business no doubt but it is still advised to the SEO companies to keep their SEO staff encouraging to do the SEO practices as they had been doing to groom their business across an array of users.

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