Bing or Google: What Search Engine is more Popular among the users?


Search engines are the backbones of Internet and the online crowd is divided between either Google or Bing as the major search engine. Google out of all has been ruling as a synonym for search and every other individual is dependent on the search results for getting the daily works done. What people look for is relevant results, simple interface and helpful options to widen or constrict a search. With each search engine bringing the best out in each minor change that is done, users now have several options to go with.

Each search engine competes with the other to claim the throne to be the best so, are they any closer to remove Google from the top?

I personally go by Google’s results and have in fact made it my default homepage so, it is mostly, to do with the user’s personal preferences. But, one should always keep the alternatives in mind for all the different search results and in case they need a change. Bing as Microsoft’s shot to challenge Google in the search engine list has improvised on a lot of things but still is not as convincing as Google when it comes to giving information. Google as a giant is dominating the mobile and tablet search engines market share and really does not need any introduction with majority of the population following it on a regular basis.

Bing as a search engine is good to look at with an ever changing background and setting it as homepage takes away the monotony of seeing a regular screen each time. Bing now also powers the search results pulled by Yahoo! search and that just makes it further more promising. As one of the efficient Google alternative Bing offers good number of capabilities that comprises spell check, flight tracking, sports score, products shopping, operating calculations and features like events, ads and finance.

Products offered by Google like Google+ and Google reader are widely adopted among the users as compared to the similar product offered by Bing as Bing reader. All these aspects adds on to taking as the most widely used search engine and would continue being on the top unless Bing comes up with an ultimate advantage over Google. Lastly, in terms of social integration Bing rules as it has tied up with Facebook and twitter so can offer more social data. The way it integrates that information in the search engine result page is also less cluttered.

With this, I can conclude that till now Bing can only be considered as an alternative to Google but, of course like I said earlier it depends on what an individual has on their default homepage column. People just need to land on a page that is close to answer the query and the search engine can rule accordingly. There are many other search engines that can just be an alternative as the ruler can just be one and with ‘Google it’ instead of search it online, Google has surely claimed it for years to come.

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