9 Steps to SEO Audit your Site to Rank well on Google SERPs


Many times it happens that you invest a lot of your precious time in rectifying the little stuff in your website in order to reach to the top. But if is often the Big things that might be requiring more concentration and you might be ignoring them all. You would be surprised to know that you can SEO audit your site in just few minutes and making it to rank high on Google and various other search engines.

Well, the process that it takes to audit the site is quite a smooth task in hand. All it takes is just few minutes and some steps to successfully complete the task of auditing the site Google apt. So, to start the process all you be needing are Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Barracuda Penguin tool, Beam Us Up, Google search Console, Title Tag Pixel Width Checker and the most obvious your brain. The following are the steps to accomplish the procedure:

1) Initiate with A Crawl

In this, you would do a number of manual checks for the site and simultaneously would start up a crawl in the background. This would be done when you would finish off with your other steps. This acts as a Google check and provides useful information on the site SEO structure and set up. Using Beam Us Up, feed in the site’s address into the URL area and click on the “Start”. The crawler would continue his task in the background nd in the meanwhile you can look into the audit.

2) Sniff testing the site

This is useful in testing the on-site fundamentals. And to start this all you need to do is go to the home page of the browser and right click to see the source. Here certain basic on-page SEO is to be checked that can be done by looking towards the answers to the following:
Is there a properly fabricated and clickable title, which is an important SEO practice?
Does the page have meta descriptions that would play as our ad on SERPs and motivate the clicks?
Is there present atleast one H1 tag and if yes, then does it conform the SEO best practices?
Do the other subheaders H2, H3, etc conform to the SEO rule?

3) Google Tests

Conduct some Google tests to look for the appropriateness of the subsequent aspects:

Is the content being framed well and is unique and conform the context from the SEO practice point of view?
The brand is to be searched for the Google ranking if it is new and if not showing on page 1 then try and know the reason why?
Search for the headline key phrases as this important from rank prospective.
And final is the search that is to be done to check the pages that Google has taken for the domain by using “site” Operator.

4) Accumulating data from Google search Console

This is ardently important as this provide various important data that are to be immediately audited. And this can be carried out in two steps:
First look for the crawl snags.
Second look for the HTML progress.

5) Scrutinize the traffic

Now, the main purpose of a SEO Audit is to look for the channels to enhance the website’s traffic and it completely makes sense to examine how the site is working! Use Analytics to have a view of the current traffic by clicking “Acquisition” then click “Overview” and lastly hit” Organic Search”.

6) Examine your backlink summary

You can use the Ahrefs and can undertake different manual audits to look for the site’s link profile to see if it does not have any issues. This is undertaken in three simple steps:

Check the anchor text distribution.
Look for some broken backlinks and try to repair them.
Finally undertake some really quick audit tests to conform anything that is suspicious in site.
Make out if there are some penalties.
Make use of Panguin Tool to look for the traffic drop that are located by the Google algorithm updates and for this you have to:

7) Enter into Analytics

Choose the site
Recognize the Penalties

8)Test out the site’s speed

This one of the Google rank contributing factors and is to be surely checked as the sites that loads fast are automatically crawl up the rank while the other lag. To know this you can use the Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool.

9)Conduct an analysis on structured data

The data on your site has t be thoroughly structured as this assists in the appearance of the search results and also help conquer through click-through rate.

And this process completes the search engine optimization audit services that would improve the site.

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