6 vital Digital Marketing Tips 2016 for Ecommerce Websites

6 Digital Marketing Tips 2016

Competition between online eCommerce market place is rising day by day. With the increasing count of purchases made online, you need to ensure that your online site is performing at its best level for maximizing growth’s zone. Well, there are number of tools and tips that can help you in optimizing different aspect for your online store and hence, assist you in developing sales. Here, we have highlighted six essential tips over which you need to focus on:

  • Keep an eye on mobile traffic

Most of the online purchases are being performed through mobile via customers and it is necessary that you should ensure customers can avail amazing mobile shopping experience while pursuing shopping. Now, you can ensure this by watching mobile traffic in Google Analytics. By analyzing traffic and interaction, you can attain better idea about how many users are visiting your portal via mobile device.

  • Installation of call tracking

It is known that there is an advanced growth in digital technology and communication areas; even then, people would still choose the option of calling a business. Hence, you should not unplug your landline and install the call tracking software immediately on your online portal.

  • Make use of Heatmaps

You can get aware of the performance of level of your website by using heatmaps. Heatmaps is a tool with the help of which you can take out the visual data that would depict how your website is performing. This will save you from analysing rows of bunches of data.

  • Do A/B testing

By performing A/B testing, you can increase your conversion rate and in turn, you can see excellent growth in your business profits. This type of testing involves testing two versions of a web page where A version is the control and the B version is the variation. Both of these pages will receive live traffic which would help you to measure the impact of both versions on conversion rates.

  • Use Google analytics eCommerce tracking

It allows you to view how much revenues are generated from every traffic source. Moreover, you can compare how much revenue is generated by email campaigns and by SEO efforts. This would help you to know whether you are investing in appropriate area or not.

  • Make Google goal conversions and funnel visualization: – Conversions and goal completions are two most important commercial statistics within your Google Analytics dashboard. It offers you better understanding of any hurdles that are restricting you from accomplishing your main goal.

Above are some of the tasks that ecommerce website should performed for gaining enduring growth in your ecommerce websites. If you have any queries regarding above aspects, then you can make it clear by approaching our unit which is also a digital marketing services company and hence, can help you in getting known about the ways which can maximize your growth areas.

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