5 Common Web Design Mistakes that Small Business Do


In today’s internet world, websites plays a significant role in the marketing and branding of every company. A single mistake in your website will directly affect your promotion and even, on customer relationship. All these things will leave negative impacts upon your businesses. So, to get implausible users views on your websites and to create an awesome experience for both clients and users, you need to avoid few mistakes while implementing website for your businesses.

Some of the mistakes that are mostly committed by small businesses that should be avoided very soon are as follows: –

  • Prevent occurrence of spelling and Grammar errors: – A single grammar and spelling errors can make your websites look unprofessional and in turn, make your online portal less engaging. However, messages that you want to convey is more important than rest of the things but sometimes, customer or client don’t go with the sites that consist of spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Poor internal links and bad navigation: – Every client and visitors when approach any website want to go through every part of that websites and for this purpose, one website should consist of navigation and internal links. These well-managed links ensured that every person can easily get into crucial parts of online portals.
  • Non- availability of contact or social sharing buttons: – Various small businesses doesn’t attach sharing button on their websites which can easily annoy any visitors as in this social world, every visitor want to share things that looks beneficial and necessary to them and hence, websites should definitely consist of sharing button. Contact or about is another engaging factor that should be attached with every portals.
  • Lack of Call-to-action buttons: – You may be driving fine traffic to your websites but it is completely useless when users aren’t landing on the place where you want to have them. To do it in the right way, you need to invest some time in crafting CTA button and use it in right way for gaining benefits.
  • Don’t engrave bad quality contents: – It is mandatory that your website will represent those contents that are being performed by you. Your content should have everything that the users want to view. Follow appropriate content strategy which is later followed by the page by page basis. And, make your contents interesting, systematic, valuable and engaging for the user.

These are the five mistakes that are being performed by several small companies that are restricting them from getting viable position in the market. Hence, it is necessary to take care of these points while designing websites as if it is not engaging users, then it is completely useless.

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