4 Basic Social Media Marketing Strategies to Upgrade with


Social media has matured into a potential business platform after being that after-toil fun spot. It was back in the day perceived as the crazy reign-less horse of marketing, which has gone sane over the years and also more tamable.

Social media participation and content creation are the most celebrated and up to the minute Inbound Marketing Techniques that are all in rage. Be it those Facebook and Instagram #hashtags or providing customer support through Twitter handles, all companies are trying to set their foot into the game by adopting the latest. MNCs are prioritizing Social Media participation as its apparently stealing the spotlight from other marketing strategies and it is viewed as a solid basis of lead formation according to the facts and figures.

Here are our top ranked Social Media Marketing strategies to assist you in upgrading your pre existing ones.

  1. Challenge: Creating Brand awareness-

Be careful about how you create a Brand and advertise it because the image you make is how they would know you. Rather than trying to change the brand image too often, try to stick to one image for a longer period of time and steadily build that image up to acquire recognition in that form and also seem to be more reliable to the audience. Also, rather than bland advertising and promotions, try to create something more meaningful for a lasting brand image and to create impact.

Determine relevant hashtags to be used and consider engaging with the industry’s influencers, create a strong and authentic brand personality.

  1. Ensure your social goals-

Look in for the gap between the current position of your organization and the desired position. To fill that gap in and overcome the social barriers, one should set up goals and objectives. However, it may be strenuous and very complicated to hit the bull’s eye at times, but scrutinizing and critical analysis would most probably help. Examples of some possible social media marketing barriers that may hinder organizational growth can be low traffic on the website or a less loyal fan base. A smart and skilled set of social media marketing professionals is likely to get you through these obstacles.

  1. Focus on networks that add value:

A Network that has billions of users isn’t necessarily going to directly fetch you potential customers. Instead of vaguely trying to advertise on every network available and trying to be everything, don’t lose focus of your brand objectives and decide on a network that would accomplish the intention of you reaching your target audience. Each Network has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Examine scrupulously and use them to your advantage.

For example, if you advertise on Facebook, it can lend you itslarge audience base comprising of 1.23 Billion active users and the news feed feature that can double up as your product promoter, While LinkedIn would extend the benefit of its professionally active 332 million users. Instead of catching users at their personal time, LinkedIn enables you to connect to people thinking ‘business’.

  1. Reciprocity-

“What goes around, Comes around”.

Actively participate on Social Media and be aware of what’s trending. In order to be talked about, talk about others as well. Share and discuss about the content published by others every so often.

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