3 Essential Strategies to Improve Blog’s Search Rankings


The internet is that untamable wild child that can work wonders to your business. Doesn’t matter if you are a B2B or B2C marketer, there is always an opportunity to heighten your search engine rankings through content marketing and blogging. Yes, in fact they are worth the hype.

Many businesses still believe that if you are developing quality content, they would get the audience base they deserve. However, I only partially agree to that. The question persists “How would your potential visitors find you?”, “How would the website generate its traffic” and for that purpose SEO exists. Quality content is still the King, but only when endorsed.

However, while doing SEO one needs to be scrupulous. The Internet is more dynamic that you would like it to be, its unpredictable and practices that have yielded the desired results in the past might land you up in trouble now. Likewise, the strategies that weren’t potent enough to be spent on back in the day, might work brilliantly in the present day scenario. One needs to become accustomed to the changes in Google’s ever-changing guidelines and algorithms in order to build a keep prolonged web presence. As you comply with the updated algorithms you’ll eventually attract traffic but most importantly, you’ll be able to attract some potential visitors that may turn into leads. Techniques like blogging, SEO, social media and email marketing can be used preferably in conjunction to generate traffic on the business’s website.

Here are our top 3 handpickedtips that can be put to use build an unswerving source of organic traffic to your blog site:


  1. Discontinue Centering Merely On Keywords-

Keywords are surely essential to pay heed to but one shall not go crazy chasing them. Google has been evolving and as a result of this is that it is now places greater emphasis on the value of your content than on the specific keywords it contains.Always create meaningful content rather than focusing on keywords as the quality matters more than ever now.

  1. Don’t Forget To Share Your Content on Social Media-

The techniques stated work better in conjunction as aforementioned. More than two million blog posts are posted daily and to fetch a high rank on the search engine one requires paving many a paths to get visitors on there. Start sharing your blog posts on several densely populated social-media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. The more places your website is featured, the more data Google with gather on it thus, fetching you more search results.

Create a brand image on social media and build that further. Your social media fan base might not be straight up interested in buying your product or service as they are not on the search engine trying to find a solution to their problem, but they are always interested in rich, informative and interesting content that grabs hold of their attention.

The creation of thoughtful and informative content will in due course perk up the user experience of your audience. They will start visiting your website/s as you continue to market content of value.

  1. Optimize Your Website For Mobile-

Your users are not necessarily sitting behind their PC screen and laptops, a majority of them are smartphone users which seldom feel the need to start a computer most of the time. Cellphones have taken overand as stated by Google the majority of monthly searches in 10 countries have come from mobile devices. It is pretty much self-explanatory why one must not skip this step.

Today’s, SEO is a long-term strategy that helps to improve your blog’s search rankings. By creating useful content which is core needs of your targeted visitors and assist to improve your search engine ranking.

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Linda Marsanico
1 year 4 months ago

Thanks for a very helpful article. I’ve been blogging for 3 1/2 years, and the information you provide is interesting, giving me ideas for attracting more traffic.