10 Online Reputation Management Strategies as a key to Grow while Operating Online


What is the first thing that pops up in your head when you hear the word reputation? On an individual level reputation is one of the key component of your personality. Who doesn’t want to hold a good reputation? Right from the way we talk, behave, respond and wear all of it contributes towards our reputation. When we have so much to look after with a limited exposure think about the organization or brand that has to cater to the world. It is out in the open with several perceptions and believes. Good or bad, the reputation cannot be corrected individually and that allows the people to talk about it openly as one cannot keep a check on every single thing that goes online.

A much serious issue, online reputation management needs to be taken into consideration as soon as the brand comes into being. Users happy or sad would share the experiences online but the way you handle builds the brand image. There have been several cases, where the brands have handled consumer complaints on the social networking sites proving their trustworthiness. While most of the time it has work well there could be times when it can back fire. There comes the role of the online reputation management companies that can help the organization to better handle such cases and several other with right addressing.

Websites that operate online consider Google page one as their business card and anything going wrong with it can hamper the business big time. Some of the below mentioned instructions to start with can surely keep a immediate check on what goes online for you:

  1. Be completely transparent: Just be clear enough not to promise what you can’t offer. Most of the people get connected before they actually buy from you. Make sure you lend out credible information in order to keep them coming.
  2. Respond speedily yet politely: A quick and clear rely is better than a delayed and elaborated one. No one wants to hear stories when the situation is not in their favor so, just be patient enough.
  3. Make your presence on all social networking sites: Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Google+ have most of the users login so, visibility on these websites is a must. According to the business type one can get associated to several other platform for better reach. Also, you need to maintain the page as just having one does not get you noticed. Regular news feeds are important for attracting users to visit the page.
  4. Write blogs: Using the write words with the keywords not just helps for site ranking but it is also an answer to those who are trying to bring your brand down. It gives you the power to address the assertion made against your company and can act as a weapon for local SEO.
  5. Do not by any chance get into online arguments: While trying to keep it clear you might get into an online argument which can go harsh or unprofessional even when you are right. Avoid getting into online conversations to take up things offline, just be good while responding online.
  6. Make an investment for proactive reputation management: Start taking this seriously before things go wrong on large scale. Many companies do it on their own and are barely able to handle the situations or do not get time to keep a thorough check. It is better to get in touch with the companies that provide online reputation management services for an effective background check.
  7. Know your audience: With good understanding for their interest and preferences you can tailor the posts and feeds accordingly. Just keep in mind the public while writing the blog and try to respond to the blog comments. It keeps you connected to the audience while letting them know that you are an active users and regularly monitor your posts.
  8. Understand your critics: Sometimes the criticisms can come from the target audience if not from the competitors or illegitimate attackers so, it gives you the chance to understand the critics and respond better the next time.
  9. Add references: Adding references from your website for the feeds and posts that you do online as this can help in knowing you much better. This referral link could be any of your web page with related information or some old blog with same topic. It considerably increases the likelihood when they find out much information regarding the business.
  10. Become well valued: Trust and respect are the two basic ingredients while operating a business as they are hard to gain and forms the base for any organization. Start with making people believe on what you do can keep you in running for long.

Online reputation management can be taken as an insurance that won’t completely keep you out of damage but would lessen the damage to keep you at a better position. Keeping the blogs, articles, social media profiles, informational webpages and website content all set to rank well can push away the negative materials back in the list. With little or no pro-activeness while taking care of their website one can land up in a vulnerable position for those who want to target you on any social platform. If businesses do not manage their reputation online there are chances of heavy pay later in terms of revenues, fixing abrupt damage and developing out the existence they overlooked. Online reputation managements companies can give a firm foundation to the businesses looking for major expansion with no obstacle to bring them down. If one does not know what they are doing they are damaging themselves more than any external entity. Just by getting a fresh product and running the company successfully does not at all make you successfully unless you know how you are being taken in the market. Online reputation management is one area that would pay off in long run if one follows it dedicatedly.

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1 year 4 months ago

Nice Post! Online Reviews helped me a LOT to build trust. I used the Trustbadge reviews widget on my online shop to collect and show customer reviews. It’s fairly easy to use. They have many integrations in different shop systems. And it comes with 7 languages and is mobile-optimized. There’s a freemium version available at trust Badge so you can try yourself if it helps :)

5 months 19 days ago

This is really an amazing post. Your blog is very informative keep sharing and Thanks.
Thanks for the sharing !